Training Tip: Plan Now for Successful Separation

Did you adopt a new canine family member during the stay-at-home order?  Well, congratulations! 

Her only experience with you is that you are around all the time.  What are your plans for when your schedule requires you to leave her for long stretches of time, and multiple days of the week? 

Start now by leaving her alone for brief periods of time, and ignoring her for a few minutes upon your return to teach her to self-settle and that she is not (always) the center of your universe.  

If a day in a crate is not your idea of how to keep your dog safe and happy while you’re away, consider our dog daycare program.  We engage puppies and dogs in mentally-, socially- and physically-stimulating activities throughout the day.  We also follow an industry-standard 1-15 staff-dog ratio which is safer for the staff, and the dogs in their care.  (Our ratio is one of the lowest in the area)

Complete and submit an application to see if your dog might be a candidate for our daycare and boarding program.

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