Dog Food & Treats

We have a large selection of wholesome dog food and treats for your furry canine companions.  We have dry, raw, dehydrated raw and canned foods; we carry products that are sourced from reliable growers, farmers, ranchers and vendors.

Our foods and treats are healthy; we avoid products with synthetic or unnecessary ingredients.  Most of our foods and treats are sources and made in the US, EU, and Canada;  many are soy-, grain- and gluten-free.

Most dogs do best on diets that include plenty of moisture and are close to ancestral diets. We advocate raw diets, and welcome and support pet parents who want to give raw a try!

We have chews and bones of all sizes; from soft to super-crunchy and in a variety of animal and non-animal sources such as buffalo, venison, alligator, brown rice and other whole grains.

Our foods and treats are great quality and priced competitively, and often cost less than the big-box stores.  We have something to please all canine palates!