Post-COVID re-boot: Part 4- Training Refreshers

Your dog has been home with you for the last 14 months and you’re going back to the office.  Since she’s not been meeting lots of other dogs on walks, or has been crossing the street to avoid them, and has been allowed to sit on the sofa with her people, her manners need some refinement.

Dogs pracxticing obedienc cues

Practice obedience cues and positive reinforcement on walks and away from your house. This means giving positive rewards – vocal or treats - when your dog is walking on a loose leash, when she turns her face to look at you, when she greets people and keeps all four paws on the ground - when she gives you the behavior you ask her for. Give her positive reinforcement when she's walking towards another dog and giving you the behavior that you want.  Get permission from the other dog's owner and treat both dogs when they greet each other so that they learn that it's a positive experience.

Don't forget you need to practice training and obedience cues when there are distractions.  Your dog listens to you when she’s by herself, but listening to you is most important when there is lots of stimulus around such as other dogs, cars driving by, children laughing, people walking by, etc.

Practice “sit”, “off”, “leave it” and “come”.  Praise, reward, praise, reward, praise, reward constantly.  You want her to learn that listening to you is the best thing in the world.

Consistency is key – if you’re inconsistent, your dog will learn that she can choose when to listen and when to ignore you.

Training is like a language - use it or lose it.  If you need any pointers give us a call. We can also give you a referral to a dog trainer who specializes in behavior modification.

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