Post-COVID re-boot: Part 3 – Test doggy daycare and boarding

Now that your dog is comfortable being left home alone, consider that dogs are highly social animals and may become bored when alone. And often, bored dogs become destructive or develop anxiety.

Dogs get lonely and bored

Working from home may be coming to an end. So, now is the time to consider adding dog daycare to her schedule, and looking at overnight boarding options for extended periods away. 

Not all dog daycares offer planned activities that engage dogs socially, mentally and physically.  Do your homework:

  • Do they do an on-site temperament test? 
  • How long does the test take and what's involved?
  • Are dogs grouped by size alone or by temperament? 
  • How do staff manage dogs that misbehave? 
  • How do staff manage two or more dogs that don't like each other?
  • Does your dog have to be spayed or neutered, or by a specific age? 
  • What types of training do staff get in canine behavior and body language? 
  • How often are the floors cleaned, and with what devices and cleaners?
  • What is the procedure for dog fights?
  • How often does the facility have scuffles that result in scratches, punctures, torn ear flaps?
  • What injury warrants a visit to the vet? 
  • Ask friends and neighbors where they take their dogs for daycare.

Figure out now where your dog will spend overnights-before you need this service.  Go with a traditional kennel if your dog doesn’t participate in daycare and if she isn’t a social kind of dog. 

If you want your dog socially, mentally and physically engaged during the day, complete and return our daycare and boarding application.

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