Post-COVID Re-boot: A 4-part Series

“Your dog’s routine changed drastically in March 2020. 

"Don't LEAVE me - ever!"

You didn’t leave the house to go to work.  Children were home during the day.  You walked the dog instead of dropping at dog daycare or using a dog walker. 

Your dog didn’t go to the kennel because you didn’t go on vacation.  Your dog didn’t interact with her usual playmates and holiday visitors because you socially-distanced yourselves and the dog. 

Your use, and practice, of obedience cues lapsed during this isolation. 

Your dog has gotten used to you and members of your household being around – all of the time

Now, when you leave the house, she gets anxious being alone. She barks, pants, paces, chews things, jumps at the windows and tries to dig her way out of the house. She’s unsure of how to react when strangers enter the house.  You don't trust her to play with other dogs because she lunges at them when on leash

Follow this 4-part series on how to help your dog get ready for some life-altering post-COVID 19 changes.

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