Health Tip – Your Dog Hates This…

Being Patted on the Headdog patted on head

If someone walked up to you, moved their hand in front of your face and patted your head, you’d think it rude.  Well, dogs do, too.   To politely greet a dog, give her a chest rub: If the dog approaches you, slowly extend your hand under the dog’s chin and give them a gentle rub on their upper chest; if she doesn’t approach you to say “hello”, honor her request to keep your distance.  (Letting a dog sniff the back of your hand with your fingers curled up toward your palm is nice, but the dog smelled you, and made a decision to greet or not greet you,  long before you got close to her.)  Read more here:

Children “Riding” the Dogtoddler pulling dogs lip-whale-eye

There are many “cute” videos of toddlers sitting on the dog, pulling the dog’s ears or riding on the dog’s back.  This is so dangerous, and potentially deadly! These dogs showed great restraint, as this behavior is not normal for canines and is considered rude – like a dog placing their paw over another dog’s back or meeting face-to-face without the polite bum-sniffing ritual first.  Humans are lucky that dogs tolerate our ignorance of their social norms, and the parents of these children are very lucky the dog did not bite the children.   Dogs are animals, not furniture or toys for the kids.   Treat them with respect and they’ll respect you back.  (Signs of stress in this photo: head turned away from the toddler, mouth closed, eyes turned away, whites of his eyes is visible)

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