Health Tip: Weight Loss

Lots of pups put on pounds during the pandemic.  Don’t add more to your dog’s waistline during the food-laden December holidays.  Help your dog shed a few pounds by following these simple steps:

  • Read the feeding guidelines on the back or side of the dog food bag, pouch or can.
  • Measure accurately the amount of food you put in her bowl.
  • Feed twice a day so she’s not hungry and begging for snacks or treats because her stomach is empty.
  • No grazing throughout the day. No filling the bowl when it’s empty.
  • If your dog doesn’t eat when her bowl is served to her, she doesn’t like the food.  Change it.
  • Feeding less food than what’s stated on the daily guidelines printed on the food container can harm her nutrition. Use a weight management food to trim pounds while maintaining proper nutrition.
  • Feed frozen green beans as healthy treats.  They’re “people food” and a great source of fiber.
  • Treats don’t have to be the manufactured size; break treats into smaller pieces.  She’ll get the same number of treats, just fewer calories.
  • Feed the dog immediately before you sit down to eat; the family (your dog IS family, right?) is eating “together”.

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