Health Tip – Vaccines Explained

Most dog daycares and kennels require your dog have rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines before they can visit. Dog being vaccinatedEver wondered what they’re for, but never asked?  Most states require your dogs and cats be immunized against rabies this as it is transmittable to humans through breaks in the skin (cuts, scratches or wounds in contact with infected saliva).  Distemper is most often seen in puppies less than one year of age. The distemper virus is similar to the human measles virus, and is airborne, so highly transmittable to other dogs.  Bordetella reduces, but does not guarantee, immunity from highly contagious airborne viruses that prompts coughing – and sometimes the cough can lead to pneumonia or bacterial infections.  And read more here for specifics on these and other vaccines:

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