Health Tip: Pointers for new puppy parents

  • Training – Help your puppy become a good canine citizen; teach her manners, loose leash walking and recall.  Register for April, May and June semi-private 4-week evening workshops with Christine of Family Dog Training, LLC
  • Social interactions – Stop by Just Fur Pets and pick up a copy of our puppy scavenger hunt. Complete these sensory interactions and new experiences with your pup to help her learn to navigate the human world
  • Select healthy foods – Good quality foods, and foods without artificial colors and chemical preservatives,  absolutely have a positive influence on your dog’s behavior and overall health
  • Select age-appropriate teething toys to direct chewing away from furniture and household items.
  • Start practicing good oral health habits now – daily teeth brushing  contributes to fewer dental cleaning$, fresher breath and a healthy mouth
  • Crate-train your dog - crates are a puppy’s safe space and refuge from human hustle and bustle

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