Health Tip: Planning for the End – Pt 2, The Downhill Side

Dogs don’t know that feeling unwell is not normal.  Be mindful and see the veterinarian when you first see changes.

Ask yourself how much money you’re willing to spend.  Canine healthcare is very advanced;  it can add up – and quickly.

Exercise is good for arthritis.  It keeps joints lubricated and keeps muscle toned to support stiff joints.  Joint support supplements are good to add as your dog’s early nutrition and previous injuries are not always known.

Pain medications?  Use them!  Dogs don’t show they’re in pain until it’s REALLY bad.

Serve up wet and dry toppers, high value treats and people food to keep her appetite up and keep her hydrated.

At the end,

  • Do you get a plaster of Paris paw print as a memento, or one last family photo?
  • Do you euthanize…
    • At the vet?
    • At home?
    • At the vet office, but in your car?
    • At the primary vet or the specialist practice?
    • Choose whatever option will be least stressful for the dog
  • Burial or ashes?
    • Where to bury or dispose of your companion’s remains?

Discuss your plan with family members so everyone knows what to expect and has time to process it.

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