Health Tip – Keeping Your Dog Trim

body-condition-score-chartLeaner dogs are healthier dogs; overweight dogs can develop diabetes, heart problems, hip and back issues.  Heavier dogs are less likely to want to walk – a must for taking, and keeping, weight off.  Measure the food you feed your dog; don’t over-scoop. Use the feeding guidelines on the back of her dry or raw food container, or use this calculator to get a customized feeding amount for your dog. Reduce the amount of food that goes into the bowl if you use treats or share tidbits with your dog.  Treats are great motivators; don’t eliminate the treats, just make them healthy choices and very small in size – in a dog’s world, size doesn’t matter.  Feed your dog twice a day; dogs fed once a day are “hangry” (You would be too!) and may beg more when you’re eating and she’s not. Exercise – walks, fetching balls and toss toys, running around the yard, hikes in the woods.  For significant weight loss, try a weight management food to lose the weight slowly over time, then switch back to measured amounts of her regular food and keep up with exercise.

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