Food 411: Free-feeding or grazing?

Does your dog eat lightly and throughout the day?  Does she sniff at her food, walk away and then eat it later in the day?  Do you tell friends she grazes or “free-feeds”?

Dogs are opportunistic – if there’s food to be had, they’ll eat it.  I recall a cartoon of three dogs in a life raft.  There’s a container in the raft labeled “3 days rations”.  One dog says to the other two, “Who wants to eat all of the food right now?” 

So, what does it mean if your dog doesn’t gobble down her breakfast or dinner?  Most likely she doesn’t like her food. It doesn’t taste good to her. And if she’s not eating well, she’s not getting the nutrition she needs.

Don’t risk your dog’s health by letting her skip meals or eat less than she should.  How?  Change your dog’s food!  Find something that tastes good! Something she likes and enjoys!  It’ll make you smile to see her waiting for you to fill her food bowl.

If you’re the dog parent of a finicky free-feeder, stop by and let us help you find some food she likes to eat.  It’ll put a smile on both your faces!

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