Health Tip: Chinese Herbs

 In western medicine, we often treat the injury we have or pain we’re experiencing with a pill or targeted treatment rather than consider if the source of the ailment lies elsewhere in out body and how to address the root of the issue.  Holistic approaches to health consider the whole person and how the synergies between our many internal systems influence our overall health. 

Consider Chinese herbs.  For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has used herb combinations to help our bodies heal themselves by keeping the entire body in good health and harmony.  When one system is week or compromised, the others are affected.  Chinese herbs are used to get these systems back into balance so the body’s systems can work effectively.

Veterinarians use Chinese medicine to help treat a variety of ailments in our domestic animals, to include dogs.  As an example, my 14-year old Samoyed has seasonal allergies and arthritis.  Throughout the year she takes Chinese herbs that support her immune system and reduce inflammation.  Before starting the Chinese herbs, her eyes would weep - and the tears would cause bald patches to appear next to her nose.  Her arthritis made it difficult to get up from a reclined position and her gait would be stiff.  Using herbs lets me keep the amount of pharmaceuticals she needs to ingest at a minimal dosage.  

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