DIY Dog Wash

DIY Dog Wash

Washing your dog should be fun for your dog, and for you! Stay dry and skip the back pain by using our DIY grooming tubs!

DIY grooming tubs

DIY tubs

We supply everything you need:  walk-in tubs, quality shampoos, brushes, towels and even blow-dryers.  The tub entry ramps make coaxing your dog into the self-contained tubs easy on your back.  Restraining collars are provided to keep jittery dogs safe in the tub.

The self-serve wash stations close one hour prior to the store closing time to allow you plenty of time to wash, brush and dry your dog.

Be sure to ask for a 6-Box Reward card; earn a discount when you've made six purchases.

All dogs, no matter the size: $22.00.

For more information on our grooming services, call us at (703) 455-3333 or send us an email.

This was the first time taking Chester and Mason in to use your self serve wash tubs and it was great. You had everything that we could have possibly needed. - Laura K.