Dog Grooming in Springfield, VA

Your furkid enjoys grooming experiences when groomers are patient and calm – our dog groomers are kind and empathetic.  Our groomers have over 20 years of combined experience grooming all sizes, ages and breeds of dogs. Your dog's enjoyment and comfort during her grooming appointment is their priority.

At Just Fur Pets, your puppy’s first groom is brief and fun, and gets her used to the grooming process.  Older dogs get rests between grooming steps so they go home looking and feeling refreshed, and those furkids with bath-time jitters can enjoy calming aromatherapy baths.

Our Groomers Guarantee Their Work

Your favorite canine will have a great grooming experience, and you'll be satisfied with your furkid's "haircut", because our groomers communicate with you.

If you and one of our groomers discuss your expectations for how you want your dog to look, and we do not produce the look you want, the grooming fee is on us.

If you're not satisfied, we will re-trim and touch up on the day of your dog's groom* or make an appointment for a re-groom with a different groomer on the next grooming day. We want to make it right!

Call for an appointment...and tell your friends.

We offer our grooming clients options for how you want your dog to spend her day. You may pick up your dog after the grooming appointment is completed, or schedule a spa package instead for a special day of leisure and pampering. Spa packages include participation in off-leash dog daycare play groups with other dogs and a massage, in addition to the breed-specific groom.

Bath and brush-out services start at $44; grooming fees begin at $64 and are based on the breed and the condition of your dog's coat. We work with you and your pet to ensure her comfort during the groom and your satisfaction with the quality of the clip, style and coat condition.

Dog grooming only (pick-up when appointment is completed): Please complete the grooming contact and release agreement and bring it with you the day of your dog grooming appointment.

Grooming with spa package: Dogs selecting the spa package spend a portion of their day in off-leash dog daycare, participating in mentally, socially and physically engaging games and activities. To ensure dogs will thrive in this open dog daycare environment, we conduct an evaluation of each dog to ensure our play groups are a good fit for your dog. Please complete the daycare and boarding application and return it to us. We'll contact you to schedule an evaluation; these are available during the week and on weekends. We'll schedule the spa/dog grooming appointment once the evaluation is completed.

We require rabies, distemper and bordetella for all dogs spending time with us in our dog daycare program or for dog grooming (we gladly accept titers from your veterinarian). If this is your furkid's first visit, please bring her vaccination records. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, we'll keep her/him separate from the other dogs. Only dogs who have passed our daycare evaluation may utilize a spa package.

If you're a new customer or we haven't seen you in over a year, please bring current vaccination records with you.

Please call 703.455.3333 to discuss your dog grooming needs and to schedule a grooming services appointment. Read customer reviews on our Testimonials page.

*If you pick up after groomers have left for the day, we will give you the first appointment on the next grooming day.

All professional dog grooming services include:

  • Brush out
  • Bath
  • Towel and blow dry (crate dry if your dog hates the dryer)
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Breed cut
before and after of a Labradoodle

Additional Services NOT included in a groom:

  • Anal Expression = $24
  • Teeth Brushing = $17
  • Spa Package = $27 (includes off-leash dog daycare and massage)
  • Aromatherapy bath = $7 (lavender aromatherapy shampoo and relaxing massage)
  • Seasonal scented shampoo = $4

Instead of a full groom, you may want us to...

  • Sanitary clip (bum) = $24
  • Trim nails and pads = $24
  • Trim face = $19
  • Clip nails = $17
  • Clip nails and/or Dremel = $24
  • Pluck ears = $19
To view full dog grooming price list, click here.
For more information on our dog grooming services, call us at (703) 455-3333 or send us an email.

My Rudy is an aggressive fella and Just Fur Pets has been a lifesaver in working with him in grooming. They are patient with him and help bring out the best in him. And, they always do an excellent job in grooming. Sandra S.