Food 411: Rotate Proteins

Gone are the days of feeding a dog the same food comprised of the same proteins from the same brand for her entire life.  Rotating proteins in your dog’s diet means changing her food to one with a different protein every few months. Vet nutritionists recommend protein rotation for a variety of reasons.

Overhead shot of variety of animal proteins

Protein rotation not only keeps your dog’s tastebuds entertained, changing her food also helps ensure her nutrition is coming from a wider variety of healthy sources (vitamins, minerals, fruits and veggies, different fat and fiber percentages, different fat sources).  Many brands offer different proteins in recipes that are created around that protein such as lamb and lentil, pork and peas, turkey and sweet potato.

Protein rotation may also reduce development of sensitivities to proteins (how many people do you know that claim their dog is “allergic” to chicken? Usually it’s just a mild sensitivity).

Some dogs tummies may be happier on some proteins and not so happy on others.  Try a different protein if your dog has gas and soft poop – not all dogs have cast-iron stomachs.

Dogs are opportunistic - dogs should eat when their food is presented to them.  If she turns up her food all day, but finally eats it late at night, she doesn’t like the food.  It could be the palatability or the protein that’s putting her off; try a different protein.

Older dogs may lose some of their sense of taste; try out new proteins to find ones that have stronger flavor.

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