Food 411: Holistics – Tumeric

Over-the-counter medications designed for people are not always appropriate for dogs.  The next time your dog has one of these ailments, reach into the kitchen cabinet for curcumin-based turmeric.

Tumeric powder and root
Tumeric Curcumin

Tumeric, that yellow spice found in a variety of international dishes, settles grumbly tummies, is used as an anti-inflammatory, and often serves as a steroid alternative. 

Tumeric is a warming spice (see April 2021 blog post on ayurvedics), so you may not want to give turmeric to “hot” dogs.

And for best absorption, its best to mix with ghee to make a paste that can be added to your dog’s food. It doesn’t have much of a taste, so dogs eat it up.”    Read more...

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