Food 411: “Corn is fine in dog food” Hmmm… not so much.

Here’s a great reason to check your dog’ food and switch to one without corn ingredients:

Aspergillus flavus, a fungus found in corn that has been exposed to dry, then moist, conditions can release a poison into the grain.  Ingestion of this mycotoxin, Aflatoxin, can lead to animal illness and death. 

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As of January 21, 2021, 110 pets have died and 210 have reported illnesses that link back to consuming pet food tainted with this grain-based toxin.  

Foods processed with this deadly interloper were distributed internationally, so expect more animal deaths in the coming weeks and months.  

Although this is affecting only one brand of dog food (Midwestern Pet Food's Sportmix) , this manufacturer processes and packages food for other brands – often these get contaminated as well as they are processed on the same, cleaned-but-not-sterilized equipment.

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