Day Training

Day Training


If your dog needs to learn basic or advanced commands, or needs assistance in learning how to walk on a leash, or you just want your dog to become a better canine citizen, consider our day training program.

Day training is planned around your dog's participation schedule in our daycare program.  Our trainer will discuss your dog's training goals and create a program designed for her needs. While in our off-leash dog daycare, your dog will work privately with our trainer for 30-45 minutes twice a week for five weeks for a total of ten sessions.   After each session, you will receive a training report on what was learned that day and homework assignments to practice with your dog.

Dogs participating in day training should be at daycare no later than 9:00am.

This program includes ten training sessions and ten off-leash daycare days for $TBA. Payments should be made before or on the first day of class. Call to discuss your training needs and schedule your dog's training sessions.[/span11][/row]


Training Classes and Events

Just Fur Pets has partnered with a local dog trainer to provide group and private puppy and dog training services to dog parents in the Springfield and Burke area.

We are pleased to work with Sundogs Canine Consultation and Training to help you help your furkid navigate the human world.

Watch your email inbox, our Facebook page (Just Fur Pets VA) and this webpage for announcements for training classes, special learning events, movie nights and workshops.


Upcoming Events

Click here for our dog training classes, pet parent learning opportunities and special events.

Our in-store special events that require registration will be on our calendar here:

For more information on Obedience Training or our upcoming Events, call us at (703) 455-3333 or send us an email.