Dog Boarding

Going on vacation or need to travel for business? Let your dog spend their nights with us.  Dogs who board at Just Fur Pets participate in our off-leash dog daycare groups during the day. They play with other dogs, participate in our activities, and get plenty of exercise. In the evening, they are fed, walked and tucked into bed.
All dogs boarding with us have outside leashed walks for fresh air. We feed them according to your specifications. Bring your dog's food and favorite toy.

Boarding Requirements

• We're flexible in our spay/neuter policy: We suggest female dogs be spayed before their first heat cycle and male dogs be neutered at 1 year of age; giant breed dogs should be neutered closer to 18 months.
• Bring a copy of up-to-date vaccination records.
• Bring food and treats in portions needed for the length of her stay with us.
• We don't charge extra to administer medications.  Provide the dosage needed for the length of her stay with us, along with written, legible instructions, and provide pill packs or stuff-able treats if you use these to give oral meds.
• Dogs who haven't participated in our dog daycare program or boarded with us must complete the daycare and boarding application and be evaluated before boarding with us.



$57/24 hours. Overnight boarding is a 24-hour period, and includes participation in our daily off-leash dog daycare program. We recommend all dogs staying for more than three nights be given a bath so they go home feeling clean and looking good. If you prefer a full groom, please refer to our grooming price list for more specific information; reserve a bath or grooming appointment when you make your boarding reservation to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

Deposits are required for high-season reservations and are refundable only if you cancel your reservation more than 14 days prior to your check-in date.

Call us at 703.455.3333 to make your boarding reservation. Current clients may make reservations here: Client Portal

For more information on Off-Leash Dog Daycare or Overnight Boarding, call us at (703) 455-3333 or send us an email.

Our dogs get so excited when we tell them that they are going to "camp" aka Just Fur Pets. They get plenty of playtime and socialization. The staff breaks up the day with nap time and some group training. The staff is professional, polite, and remember our dogs. I also appreciate how our dogs records are kept up-to-date so if a vaccination is coming due, they let us know. - Kiki G.