About Us

“We Help Keep Your Furkid Healthy, Safe and Engaged”.  At Just Fur Pets, we strive to live that statement every day.  In the U.S., our dogs are part of our family.  We do everything we can to make their lives more enjoyable. You look out for your dog’s best interests; we’re here to help you be a successful dog parent.

We take a holistic approach to helping you raise and care for your canine companion.  The more we know about your furkid, the better we are at helping you find solutions.  We can help you tailor your furkid’s day to her needs, and yours.

  • Is your furkid adjusting to you and her new home?
  • Are you encountering behaviors you want to change?
  • Does she have a sensitive stomach, food sensitivities or eating issues?
  • Is she getting enough physical/mental/social activity?
  • Are her teeth, nails, coat and skin in great condition?
  • Do you know where she’ll stay if you need to go out of town – suddenly or on vacation?

Being a dog parent is not quite as overwhelming as being the parent of a human, but it has its challenges: health and wellness, diet, exercise, socialization, gear, grooming, daytime supervision, short- and long-term nighttime care.  Let us help you become a better dog parent.

Just Fur Pets dog daycare center is a one-stop-shop for your dog parent needs:

  • Our staff are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of dogs; many of our staff have been with us for over 5 years.
  • We provide staff training in canine behavior and body language so they can manage dog daycare play groups and identify unusual behaviors that may be symptoms of an illness.
  • Staff also learn about nutrition and wellness to advise on food, supplements and treats.
  • Grooming staff have over 18 years of experience in dog grooming and are keen at spotting skin, ear, eye and other health issues hidden under fur.
  • Our trainers can help a puppy learn the ropes and an older dog new skills, and can address issue-specific behavior modification and training needs.

We know our customers and their dog’s preferences and personalities.  Dogs recuperating from surgeries are given frequent rests to aid their recovery; more energetic breeds get more activity. We modify the environment to reduce exposure to behavioral triggers such as blow dryers, and give extra attention and rewards to those who have separation anxiety, are timid, or are new to our services.

We know which dogs are best friends, which ones are wallflowers, who brings a lunch, who has allergies, who loves baths, and who has to sleep with her toy from home.

Stop by Just Fur Pets to meet our staff and learn more about how we can help you become the great person your dog thinks you are.


Marcia E. Cram
Just Fur Pets