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Health Tip – Car Safety Harnesses

In a motor vehicle accident, an object in a moving vehicle becomes a projectile. An unrestrained dog can go through the windshield, get tossed around the passenger area and injure the human passengers, or suffer fatal injuries. We’re considering adding car safety harnesses to our product selection at Just Fur Pets. If your dog rides…
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Food 411 – Pet Food Labeling – AAFCO

AAFCO is a private organization that has established guidelines of nutrition and labeling of animal foods.  Though food manufacturers’ products must meet AAFCO minimum standards to label themselves as “nutritionally balanced and complete”, consumers might be interested to know more about AAFCO’s membership and limitations.
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Health Tip – Cancer in Dogs

I came home from work one day to find my 10-year old Samoyed, Annie, standing on the clothes dryer.  She had knocked the laundry basket onto the floor in front of the dryer and was unable to jump down; who knows how long she had been standing there! A few days later, I arrived home…
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