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Health Tip: Planning for the End – Pt 3, Grieving

Natasha 08/10/2021 Two weeks before crafting this final section, our fifteen-year-old Samoyed Natasha’s mobility issues got worse.  She started having difficulty getting up from laying on the floor, started walking slower, her rear legs would slide out from underneath her, and she’d intermittently walk kind of sideways like a crab on our twice-daily walks. We’d…
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Health Tip: Planning for the End – Pt 1, When Is It Time?

At this writing, I’m wrestling with this tough decision myself.  I never thought my dog’s mobility decline would lead me here.  She has autoimmune issues and decreased kidney function, and I thought those diseases would eventually inform my decision. Questions to ask yourself: Has her vet monitored her health and prescribed therapies that (until now)…
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Food 411: Rotate Proteins

Gone are the days of feeding a dog the same food comprised of the same proteins from the same brand for her entire life.  Rotating proteins in your dog’s diet means changing her food to one with a different protein every few months. Vet nutritionists recommend protein rotation for a variety of reasons. Protein rotation…
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