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Health Tip – Dog-on-Dog Interactions

During the COVID-19 pandemic dogs spent significantly more time with their human families and little-to-no outside dog-on-dog meetings and playtime opportunities as humans maintained social distancing.  Because of this, many dogs now experience separation anxiety when the family heads off to school, work and even shopping.  Puppies adopted during the pandemic didn’t have the opportunity…
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Health Tip: Planning for the End – Pt 3, Grieving

Natasha 08/10/2021 Two weeks before crafting this final section, our fifteen-year-old Samoyed Natasha’s mobility issues got worse.  She started having difficulty getting up from laying on the floor, started walking slower, her rear legs would slide out from underneath her, and she’d intermittently walk kind of sideways like a crab on our twice-daily walks. We’d…
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