Training Tip – Reliability

When you give your dog a command, how often does she respond?  100% of the time? 60%?  35%? Your canine companion should respond reliably 100% of the time (listening to you when you ask may save her life: “Stop” may prevent her from running into the street in front of a moving car). Practice basic…
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Dog Daycare Games

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: February 17, 2016  Happy Dogs Petcare, LLC  dba Just Fur Pets   6230 Rolling Road  Springfield, VA  22152, 703.307.4586   Springfield, VA, February 17, 2016 – While winter keeps many dogs inside for exercise, Just Fur Pets will compete for medals in the third annual Daycare Games. Have you…
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Training Tip – Counter Surfing

Have you heard of the dog who stole the roast off the counter?  Or the one who jumped on the dining table and ate the entire stick of butter? Recall the scene in A Christmas Story of the Bumpus hounds running into the Parker’s house and escaping with the turkey?  Have a counter surfing story…
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